Orgone Generator Coaster Set (6)

Orgone Generator Coaster Set (6)

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Orgone Generator Coaster Set (6), Orgonite Energy Accumulator, EMF Protection

6 orgonite coasters in a set

Mixed with resin that continuously squeezes crystals of various types amplifying piezoelectric effect

Iron oxide powder surrounding crystals to help collect and amplify energy 

Converts deadly orgone energy into positive orgone energy, excellent for use under drinks and to protect table surface from liquid damage

Approximate size of each coaster is: 3.75” (diameter) x ¼ (thickness)”, with 6 coasters in a set. Orgonite is intended to increase body’s natural frequency as well as plants and animals, enhancing and converting negative orgone energy into higher vibrational positive orgone energy following research performed by Wilhelm Reich. Cast in resin is iron oxide powder and a variety of small crystals in order to create a constant piezoelectric effect and help convert harmful energy to positive beneficial energy. This helps to program and enhance your drink of choice with beneficial orgone energy which is typically programmed with negative energy through the surrounding EMF radiation emanating from Wi-Fi, cell phone towers, computers, radio towers, etc. Orgonite may be tinted with color of choice.

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