Spagyric Extracts

What is a spagyric extract?

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” –Hippocrates.

Another term for herbal alchemy is spagyric. We cook every day, make soup, tea, yet we don’t consider the process to be anything special. When people start to discuss a term like alchemy they don’t realize that they do it every day but not in a wholesome way. We cook with vanilla extract, drink alcohol, and take supplements consisting of dried herbs. What’s missing in each of these? They are not whole and complete. The vanilla extract comes from a vanilla bean, which has minerals and the vanilla bean itself which are no longer included in the extract. The vodka only has the spirit left of the original mixture. The dried herbs in the supplements are missing the spirit, which has evaporated. A spagyric extract is a process by which all parts are purified and then added back to each other to form a tincture whose potency is much greater, on the order of 5-25x more potent. A spagyric extract is made as follows. An herb or plant of choice is placed in alcohol of a high percentage >95% and allowed to digest and extract the essence for about 4 weeks. Next the extract is poured off and saved while the solids are calcined (burned at high temperatures) to produce an ash. This ash is dissolved in distilled water, filtered, and then liquid is then recrystallized by allowing the water to evaporate off. The salts are then rejoined with the extract that was saved earlier to produce the very potent spagyric extract from the herb/plant of choice. Try and consider how it is that an extract formed this way is SO much more potent than simply taking the plant itself, or a typical extract of that plant. You can think of it as making ormus using the parts of the plant.