Cutting board- Made with Embedded Orgonite

Cutting board- Made with Embedded Orgonite

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Cutting board- Made with Embedded Orgonite

Made with epoxy resin that continuously squeezes mixed gemstones amplifying the piezoelectric effect

Beautiful metal shaving surrounding crystals to help collect and amplify energy

Converts deadly orgone energy into positive orgone energy, beneficial for improving energy of food

Contains shungite powder for increased healing through foods and other items placed on cutting board

Cutting board size is: 8”x12”x.35” (small cutting board- blue board shown), 10”x13.25”x.35” (large cutting board-orange and purple board shown, large cutting board- red front and back image shown), cutting board is made customized to the order so allow for a couple extra days before shipping out. If other mix of colors is desired please add in comments.

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