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About Mommy’s Miracles

I am a researcher, I have a B.S., a M.S., a Ph.D., I aim at providing the best information possible of which I’ve myself used, encouraged my family to use, and have successfully used on my animals. I value this knowledge very highly of which I find valuable in my own personal research. I aim to share these products with you, but please know that there is controversy over them and I always encourage you to do your own research. I would rather not have repeat clients, but instead have everyone be cured of all their illnesses and share their stories with the world. I myself would say I have come close to getting multiple sclerosis, breast cancer, and have lost half my hair and had optic neuritis all throughout my life. I’ve learned that with diet, reducing sugar intake, living a healthy lifestyle, it all helped, but wasn’t enough. It wasn’t until I learned about MMS and Ormus that I really started to get healthy and touch on the actual cause of some of these problems which manifested in different ways at different times in my life.

My family has a pack of dogs, as you can imagine that can cause some tension in the pack. When too young to vaccinate a litter had an outbreak of parvo and although quite deadly to young puppies we were able to save the newest member of our family by using a hefty dose of MMS repeatedly. If only dog fights didn’t happen, but having two females certainly can cause trouble and discordance. Once discovering MMS I’ve not had to take one dog to the vet, this includes multiple dog bites, a gaping wound of 2cm2, of which the combination of MMS and Ormus allowed healing in less than least half the time or a third the time as usual (this wound had to re-heal many times, so we have multiple healing times to compare it to). Infection was a thing of the past, so long as they were given the attention needed when injured. MMS is not like antibiotics either where it causes gut bacteria to get out of balance. I would even say Ormus calmed down the dogs and allowed peace among two females that would seem to fight on a weekly basis. Not to mention I haven’t been sick once since I’ve learned of MMS and Ormus.

I started to realize something was wrong with research today when I noticed all the projects being funded involved pharmaceuticals. Additionally, when a mouse experiment I was in charge of analyzing the data for had an unfavorable treatment response. The data then underwent an outliers test in order to remove data that aren’t agreeable with the scientific community, but in a scientifically approved manner. You can bet the FDA does this to get drugs approved! Without data that are agreeable the information will not be published and the ability to receive a degree or move up in status will be denied. Did you know there was a status quota for researchers to publish so many papers each year depending on their level?

What they don’t tell you in cancer research, as that was my primary research focus when getting my Ph.D., is that if mouse experiments go on long enough with treatment replicating that of how humans are treated with chemotherapy, the mice tumors grow faster than the untreated group. Rates of resistance towards drugs cause the tumor to be healthier and therefore grow faster than if they were never treated. Unfortunately all studies aim at sacrificing the mice before resistance happens, only showing the initial tumor kill response, which looks very promising if you didn’t know how the tumor growth exploded later on. There are MANY treatments to cancer and human diseases which have been shown to be effective and have been suppressed by the mainstream media. A cure does not give repeat business. I would rather see a healthy population any day than to be profiting off of the sickness in the world.

May health be with you!

-Mommy’s Miracles